Question by  Trueakitalover (1728)

What should creatine values be in a feline with renal failure?

My cat is in renal faiulre.


Answer by  icyblue (236)

Cats can have a slightly higher serum creatinine value when compared to humans. In humans values of 1. 5 mg/dL will get you worried, while in cats values of up to 2 mg/dL (even up to 2. 5) can be normal. A sudden rise in the value is not good!


Answer by  benji (165)

Has your cat got acute renal failure or chronic renal failure. While creatine values in both these conditions will be abnormally high, the way the doc treats your cat will be different. In chronic renal failure, the trend in creatine values determines whether your cat is getting worse.

Reply by ross1976 (196):
My cat was suggested an amylase test and the vet said this test could pick up chronic renal failure at a very early stage even before the serum creatine started rising. It came out normal, so I'm relieved!  add a comment

Answer by  Huntress (1935)

I can tell you what the creatinine levels for a healthy cat should be: 1. 0-2. 2 mg/dl (88. 4-194. 5 umol/L. If your kitty has levels that aren't in this range then that is a factor the Doctor looked at to determine the renal failure diagnosis.

Reply by boonjax (205):
Woah - those units (mg, dL, umol, L) are so confusing! Is umol the same as micromol?  add a comment
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