Question by  Merlyn2040 (29)

What is wrong if my old dog's leg is shaking?

My dog is getting very old, and I'm afraid her health is just getting worse and worse. Her leg won't stop shaking.


Answer by  Shroomshine (29)

Older dogs often get nerve damage as they get older, as well as atrophy, or muscular deterioration. It is a natural result of aging, as well as wear and tear on the body. It happens in humans also, but of course dogs age seven times as fast, so take that into account.


Answer by  Dale23 (192)

This once happened to one of my dogs. She had a problem with her back hip and because of the weakness her leg would shake. It was worse in the morning when she first would get up. Also it could be a nerve problem in her back. I would get it checked.


Answer by  newgeneration (699)

There are many possible causes for leg shaking, including age-related nerve problems, muscular weakness, Cushing's disease, neurological disorders or diabetes. Only a vet can accurately diagnose your dog.


Answer by  asunflower (1)

I have a five year old boxer who has started panting,whinning, and carry's her little toy around every where. laying on me not next too me. It all started when my 2 sons left 2 days ago to stay at grandparents house. Is this cause she misses them or shouldorry?

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