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Question by  JoeSmo (58)

How will I know if my bearded dragon is dying?

I think my bearded dragon is dying.


Answer by  Noah (19)

It can be difficult to tell, usually until its already too late. Most animals will mask their symptoms for as long as possible to avoid being preyed upon in the wild. However, some indications of impending death are a lack of energy, anorexia, sunken eyes (dehydration), and/or a generally pale complexion. Hope this help and good luck.


Answer by  answersonpets1223 (70)

If you know the age of the bearded dragon, you could find out if it was dying of old age or another cause. If it already isnt to late, contact your local vet.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

They will not eat or go to their heating area. They may move very little and be unresponsive. You should definetely take your beared dragon to the vet if they are showing any of those symptoms.


Answer by  Paul41 (87)

The best way to find out would be to take it to a professional who could help with identifying what is wrong with it.


Answer by  Anonymous

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