Question by  sellappan (32)

What can I do to help my golden retriever who has a hind leg limp?

My dog has started to limp and I would love to help him out.


Answer by  LovesPets (36)

I would take your dog to the vet, if he has arthritis you could help by getting them physical therapy or with arthritis medication. If your pet jumps on couches or beds get some pet stairs. They are sold at pet stores and take the stress off of the limbs.


Answer by  Gabriella (25)

My golden also suffered from a limp. If you know what the problem stems from, and the vet has told you that it cannot be cured, then several things could help comfort your dog. Be sure s/he has a good orthopedic bed. Aspirin can help but ask a vet first. Finally, do not walk your dog too often.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Take your dog to the veterinarian, who can determine the cause of the limp. You need to find out if your dog is injured, has arthritis, hip dysplasia, growing pains or if he's just over-exerted himself.

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