Question by  Boone (29)

My outside pond was recently refilled with water and then my fish died, why?

What caused my fish to die after I refilled the pond?


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

This is common. Fish are sensitive to temperature and chlorine! If you fill your pond from a hose they will experience great difficulty surviving. You must give fish drinking or treated water. Your local fish store will have cheap chemicals to treat tap water for ponds. Remember that temperature is also a factor try to equalize to existing somehow.


Answer by  sameer (22)

Filling of Tap water into pond surely effects fish. This is due to Clorine mixed up into water. There are Clorine Diluters available into market named as Clorine Diluter which Dilutes Clorine present in water.


Answer by  Maureen (60)

There is a possibility that the new water was so different to the old water they could not adjust. Water changes should be done often in smaller amounts.

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