Question by  thorne (29)

Is milk bad for cats?

My mom told me not to give milk to my cats that it could hurt their stomachs.


Answer by  Lavieboheme (177)

Cow's milk is bad for cats because they lack the proper enzymes to digest it. Though the reaction differs between cats, milk can give them diarrhea/ more serious stomach problems.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Once the cat is weaned off from it's mother it should not have any milk. The milk will cause cramping, stomach aches and even diarrhea in your cat.


Answer by  worker5031 (70)

Cats love milk but they have a hard time digesting cows milk. This can result in diarrhea and vomiting. Adult cats do not need milk. If you can can drink the milk without the side effects it wont hurt them to drink it.

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Well I can have an occasional double shot of vodka without side effects but I wouldn't recommend it for my cats.  add a comment

Answer by  mandmforever (91)

Noooo way just cows milk is bad for cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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