Question by  MaineCoonMom (38)

How do you care for a dog that is deying?

My dog is in the final stages of life, what are things that I can do to help him with the process.


Answer by  Heather99 (65)

You can make him as comfortable and happy as you possibly can. Let him on the furniture, spoil him with dog treats, play with him, and lots of belly scratching.


Answer by  Juneh (104)

Make sure your dog is not in any pain by consulting your vet and obainting any medication which might ease any discomfort. Ensure your dog is comfortable and warm and place drinking water immediately beside the bed. If necessary, carry your dog outside if you feel the dog needs to urinate. My thoughts are with you.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

There are two things that you can consider. If your dog is in pain, there is putting them down. If you cant, just comfort him until its his time.

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