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What is blood pressure "arthritis"?

posted by  momwants2help(58)

Does menstruation stop when you are in water?

posted by  Jeff44(19)

What could cause my toddler to be red around her nose?

posted by  Jenny88(59)

What kind of bug bite could cause fever and chills?

posted by  tronlife(40)

How long does it take thyroid meds to help hair?

posted by  Rhonda77(24)

What can I do to get relief from hell bone spurs?

posted by  rial(12)

How do you feel when your blood sugar lowers?

posted by  Hector(21)

Can migraines be associated with muscle twitching?

posted by  Anita27(656)

Why am I feeling hot all the time?

posted by  Tam(24)

Why are my ears itchy inside?

posted by  BobMed(16)

Can alcohol trigger tachycardia?

posted by  peterparker(11)

Why do I have a gurgling sound in my throat?

posted by  trilatha(29)

After I do strenuous work, I pee out blood; why?

posted by  AmandaZ(92)

Is the Dr. Grip Pilot pen really good fir arthritis?

posted by  Pochi(15)

What does it mean if you have Stage 3A breast cancer?

posted by  Kurt(4579)

Will someone with swimmers ear run a fever?

posted by  Amruthavalli(17)

What could be the cause of numb fingers?

posted by  brenjas(24)

What is the difference in bruised tissue and bruised bone?

posted by  dsw607(18)

Why do I have a burning throat?

posted by  pixel(12)

Why does my leg swell more when I use a cam walker?

posted by  Jeff44(19)

Can jogging irritate a sore tendon?

posted by  thewash(22)

What if the headache is right back of my head?

posted by  kcoleman(1)

What causes smelly burps?

posted by  apschneider(8)

What soap should you use for atopic dermatitis?

posted by  star79(83)

Are my kidney stones unusually large?

posted by  Julianne(31)

What happens if the arteries supply too much pressure?

posted by  Shrura(27)

What do I do about breast pimples?

posted by  eyes6(8)

What do you do if you have low iron?

posted by  puzzle1(8)

If my girlfriend tested negative for HIV am I at risk?

posted by  Annie59(101)

What can I do for an underarm yeast rash?

posted by  corihendon48(17)

What could be wrong if my heart skips beats and flutters?

posted by  Vanessa(387)

What is probability of infection in a one degree burn?

posted by  Anonymous

Can you be in the US Army when you have diabetes?

posted by  bassmaster76(62)

What causes herpes zoster opthalmicus?

posted by  Brian7913(28)

Will liboderm help with lower back pain?

posted by  Lal(26)

My husband is bi-polar, and he left me. Will he come back?

posted by  dee123(51)

Is it common for a child that has broken his talus bone?

posted by  Rasa(43)

What does it mean when your poop floats?

posted by  MicheleJ(50)

What can I do for a chemical burn from a perm?

posted by  leelah(92)

What should I do about lower left pelvic pain?

posted by  BrokenRose(131)

Do you have any anorexia stories to share?

posted by  Adrienne(23)

What should I do for a swollen palate?

posted by  vichu(54)

What is the significance of a "severe" heart calcium score?

posted by  gdannunz(2)

What is a connective tissue disease?

posted by  Jo81(27)

What kind of a bug bite causes a red knot?

posted by  olpe(29)

What does "anterior placenta" mean?

posted by  worker42(21)

What diseases are related to the lymph system?

posted by  kasen(46)

What causes diverticulitis?

posted by  freedom1814(22)

What are phenoxyethanol side effects?

posted by  Dawne(69)

What causes black spots on the whites of the eye?

posted by  Will47(21)

Where can I find foods that won't cause me to urinate?

posted by  dude74(4)

How do you treat gonorrhea at home?

posted by  footydeano(-10)

What are some illness that affect workers in a steel mill?

posted by  bc(28)

Is frequent bruising a sign of cancer?

posted by  worker20(14)

Should I be concerned about bloody diarrhea in a child?

posted by  Kieger(37)

Why have I lost my appetite?

posted by  lucy123456(6)

What is follicitis?

posted by  simw(16)

What van you tell me about lumbar neuroforaminal stenosis?

posted by  mustang(18)

How do you if it's gas or a heart problem?

posted by  mstmp(75)

Can an underactive thyroid cause arthritis?

posted by  Prem22(63)

Does stress lower your platelet count?

posted by  Angie83(180)

What causes capsulitis?

posted by  Spazman667(259)

Is Travatan the best medication for glaucoma?

posted by  ikmahal(17)

What can be done about a collapsed arch in the foot?

posted by  sandy47(17)

What can you tell me about living with one carotid artery?

posted by  paigow(33)

What is an internal organ massage?

posted by  cary(111)

I have a knot under my knee, what is that?

posted by  Lindsay24(28)

What are some alternative treatments for dyspepsia?

posted by  jana17(34)

Diarrhea with a lot of mucous is a symptom of what?

posted by  dcp13100(22)

How deadly is the rotavirus?

posted by  sruth(27)