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What could be the cause of my eyes not working together?

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Is there a certain diet I should follow with a hiatal hernia?

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What does it mean when you are vomiting yellow liquid?

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What can I do for my one-year-old who is underweight?

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What is "uterus didelphys?"

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Why are my calves red and blotchy?

posted by  Vignesh(24)

What can you tell me about gall bladder polyps?

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What would cause lightheadedness, nausea and headache?

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Why is my eye twitching after cataract surgery?

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Do you give a newborn water for constipation?

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Does health insurance treatment for a sleep disorder?

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Is there an online test for ADHD?

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What does the term status epilepticus refer to?

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What do white stretch marks mean?

posted by  rachie(38)

Should I see a doctor about throat and neck pain?

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What should I do to recover from cracked ribs?

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Should I be concerned about deep crevices in tongue?

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What is the treatment for a compressed disc?

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Can you be pregnant and have a negative home test?

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What are hemorrhoids?

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Is it possible to have multiple kidney stones?

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What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer?

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Why have my gums turned purple?

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Is LSIL associated with HIV?

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How to calm symptoms when you have PVS?

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Should I be concerned about green stool in a newborn?

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What is discoloration of the lips a sign of?

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What can I do about a flaky, itch scalp?

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What causes my hips to ache?

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Does estrogen increase breast size?

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What causes my tongue to turn blue?

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What is the effect of caffeine on blood pressure?

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How often do you sneeze?

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What can you tell me about a sinus gum infection?

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Can a feeling of clogged ears be related to nerves?

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What can I do to help uncovertebral hypertrophy?

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What causes my eyelids to be dry and scaly?

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Can you get a dry socket in the top of your mouth?

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What causes a Torus palatinus tumor in the gum?

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Is a butterfly rash the first symptom of lupus?

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How do folic acid's effect low platelets?

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What causes a stomach to swell?

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What is a serum creatinine test for?

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Is a burning sensation common with endometriosis?

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What would cause sharp pain in the shoulder?

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What could be the cause of diarrhea with mucus?

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What would cause a burning feeling in my leg?

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Is there a phobia of confrontation?

Would an ovarian cyst cause back pain?

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Are brain aneurysms always on the left side?

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What could cause palpitations when bending?

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Is an ALT (SGPT) level of 59 considered high?

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What is the significance of black kidney stones?

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What is the incubation time for the stomach flu?

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What would cause the loss of eyebrow hair?

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Do all humans sneeze at least once a day?

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What causes the streaks of chigger bites?

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What is the cause of freeze headaches?

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How do you know if you are bitten by fleas?

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Can you have a tooth infection and not know about it?

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What can you tell me about tori in the mouth?

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What are the symptoms of irisitis?

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What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

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What would cause a bleeding ear?

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