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Question by  Hector (21)

How do you feel when your blood sugar lowers?

I think I have low blood sugar.


Answer by  IsabellaLinzy (111)

At first kind of fuzzy thinking and slow movement. Then if not corrected, sweating profusely, confusion and like-drunkenness actions can occur. If not corrected still, then one can drop low enough to slip into unconsciousness, which can lead to coma or death. Usually it can be recognized and corrected before leading to the latter situations.


Answer by  mani (813)

If you are having low blood sugar, then you may feel very hungry or feel hunger pain. Heart will be beating rapidly. You may feel sweaty, cold or headache and you will not be steady during walking.


Answer by  Patty (195)

Generally people with low blood sugar begin to feel extremely irritable and then begin to feel fatigued/tired. Their skin also will begin to feel clammy and cold. Usually after eating they will feel much better.

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