Question by  stevmac (16)

What addictive drug would cause jerky movement while sleeping?

I see a lot of the symptoms of crack cocaine use, but involuntary jerking around while asleep isn't mentioned.


Answer by  mhope1987 (60)

It could be crack, because it makes you jumpy while awake. When a person sleeps it can affect dreams thus cause jerky movements. It could be a lot of things.


Answer by  Anonymous

CAFFEINE Too many energy drinks or No Doz or 5 hour booster will give jitters bad even in sleep! Students often suffer from this because of cramming sessions and bad hormonal balances


Answer by  Anonymous

Crack Cocaine causes jerky movements while sleeping. I know this because my Husband is a user and in Rehabilitation.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Lot's of narcotic's can make you twitch.Most common drug that cause's jerking movement is Oxy or hydro-codone.Almost any sedation narcotic Can cause jerk's when they move Asleep.So deep asleep That nerve's don't send full signal's might look like a robot shorting out. This also can be normal in any human.


Answer by  Anonymous

crack an addict.......and have experienced this....

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