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Question by  dsw607 (18)

What is the difference in bruised tissue and bruised bone?

I need to understand bruised tissue vs bruised bone.


Answer by  Ewell (23)

To start there are two different items you are talking about. First is soft tissue which includes skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. A bruise is defined as a the leaking of blood from the result of damaged vessels. When either tissue is damaged the bursing is part of the healing process. The difference in where the vessels get damaged.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

Bruised tissue is a minor injury where the meat in your body is bruised. When a bone is bruised it hurts more, the bone often has a knot on it or there is swelling, and it is a bigger injury than regular bruising.


Answer by  Rpooleedwards (10)

Bruising of tissue can involve any body system, organ or exponent of bone such as muscle, skin, tendons, blood vessels, fascia, cartlidge, ligaments anything surrounding or supporting a bone. Bruising of bone is limited to the skeletal system and only refers to bone.

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