Question by  dude74 (4)

Where can I find foods that won't cause me to urinate?

I recently had prostate removal surgery and diuretic foods send me to the bathroom for hours. I miss fruits and vegetables and salads. I trying to lose weight the same time.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Urination is a normal body function to get rid of impurities. There are no foods that will make you stop urinating. Talk to your doctor and get a referral to a nutritionist who can help you put together a healthy diet.

Reply by dude74 (4):
Thanks for the quick reply. I am trying to find out what vegetables may hot be so diuretic so I can have salads and which fruits my be less diuretic until I get full bladder control back from prostate surgery. Thanks  add a comment

Answer by  dryuha (735)

A simple answer will be to eat food that contains less salt and sugar. Both salt and sugar can drive the water out of your body by osmotic drive.

Reply by dude74 (4):
Thanks for the suggestion. I have been using "No Salt" salt substitue and very little sugar and have noticed a substancial difference. Thanks for your time and info you left. Hope more people see your response especially after prostate surgery which seems to affect the bladder and kidneys. Take care  add a comment

Answer by  mintuupatel (5)

I use more fruits and vegetables and salads to get rid of prostate using more fruits and vegetables the problem of prostate will be solve in few days.The main problems is that the prostate has became enlarged in certain age due to lake of essential proteins and vitamins for resisting the whole system of the body.

Reply by dude74 (4):
Appreciate your suggestions, I am certain they would be a great improvement for enlarged prostate. However, I had my prostate removed (robotic arm surgery) and am asking what fruits and vegetables may be low *dihuertic* wise. Thanks  add a comment
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