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What does it mean if I have white spots on my tonsils?

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What are the symptoms of blood clots in the lungs?

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What are some complications of strep throat?

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Should I go to the doctor if I have irregular bowels?

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How do you prevent HPV?

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What should I do if there is no enamel on my 6 year molars?

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What can I do about my baby's diarrhea?

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Why do my feet feel like they're on fire at night?

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What suggestions do yo have for battling insomnia?

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Could a spinal fusion cause leg pain?

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How can I relieve stiff joints?

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In medical terms, what is ASCVD?

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How do I go about getting rid of genital warts?

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What are some vitamins that will help with IBS?

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What should I do about a nodular density in my lung?

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Why do I have white spots on the palm of my hand?

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What is the difference between a UTI and yeast infection?

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What do I need to know about a 2.7 cm complex ovarian cyst?

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Can thyroid problems cause a rash?

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Why do I have sore swollen nipples?

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Can you take Coricidin if you have high blood pressure?

posted by  microgal(23)

What does a low hemoglobin count mean?

posted by  jackjohnson(24)

What should I do for a blocked sinus?

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What percentage of lung nodules are cancer?

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How do I know I am pre-diabetic?

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What is mulluskum?

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What is a good treatment for chronic hives?

posted by  Wakee(28)

What doctor do I go see for a toe nail fungus?

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What should I do about an infected burn?

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What could cause sudden nausea?

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Do second degree burns cause scarring?

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What could be the cause of unexpected weight gain?

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How serious is having a stent?

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Can a hiatal hernia cause an irregular heartbeat?

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How do you diagnose bronchitis in a dog?

posted by  Lacey(111)

What is causing my fever and body ache?

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What causes swelling of the gums?

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What do you do for pinched nerves in the spine?

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What should I do if my toddler has green bowel movements?

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What does asymmetric density on a mammogram mean?

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Can you use Murine Eye Drops to remove ear wax, too?

posted by  handygranny(16)

How do you get rid of diarrhea?

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What is sundowners dementia?

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How do you get rid of a sty?

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What is herpangina?

posted by  diane(117)

Why does my knee hurt when I run?

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What is an oligo brain tumor?

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Why do I lose control of my bowels?

posted by  ilia(20)

Should I be worried about heart palpitations while running?

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Does cortisone work for a UTI?

posted by  puppygrrl(103)

Is Levaquin good for a strep throat?

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How come I pee so much?

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What is the cause of multiple sclerosis?

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What are some acne solutions that work?

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Is it common to have bleeding during ovulation?

posted by  Tom27(16)

Is it okay that I'm 38 weeks pregnant and not dilated?

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What should I know about stage 4 glioma removal?

posted by  Teri(27)

Can Bactrim cause a skin rash in children?

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Do sore and broader nipples mean pregnancy?

posted by  JITENDRA(12)

What could cause vaginal bleeding, sweating and nausea?

posted by  Laurie89(82)

What do I do about an ear infection in pregnancy?

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What does the aggregate size of polyp fragments indicate?

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Should heart patients take Osteo Bi-Flex?

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What is atrial fibrillation?

posted by  Ricardo(25)

How do you tell if you have a cold sore?

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What could be the cause of intermittent blood in urine?

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Is strep throat contagious?

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How do I go about getting rid of zits?

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What could be the cause of an itchy rash on my ankle?

posted by  missy(17)

What could be causing numbness in one finger on my right arm?

posted by  ash87(16)

When should you worry about a bruise on the head?

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What is the magnesium and migraines connection?

posted by  Nirmalmn(34)

How do you get rid of a Mongolian spot?

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What can I do for my baby's congestion?

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What are some home remedies for thrush in infants?

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What do brain spots indicate?

posted by  THardison(48)

Why do I have sores all over my face?

posted by  sikanthar(100)

What could a high white blood cell count in pregnancy mean?

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What can I do for my 8 month old with congestion?

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What are the signs of a heart attack?

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What is the prognosis of emphysema?

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