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What is the treatment for tongue paresthesia?

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What is a normal BUN-to-creatinine ratio?

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What causes a brown discharge and pain?

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What is venous angioma?

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What would cause a swelling in my heel?

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Is there any proof of Christian miracle healing?

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What causes non-traumatic irisitis?

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Is it possible to drink too much water?

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Is it safe to breathe elevator shaft fumes?

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How old is "cholesterol"?

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Does a tragus piercing have the potential paralyze your face?

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What is the red spot on my baby's foot?

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Is a 3.7 WBC bad for a 22 year old female?

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Does a thyroid condition cause pain in the feet?

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What does it mean that I have fluids behind my uterus?

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Is there a lot of breast tenderness during menopause?

posted by  vickierender(26)

Why do my feet feel numb when I walk?

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What causes elevated of creatinine?

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How can I stop drooling at night?

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Why do my feet smell like vinegar?

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Will a hernia show up on an x-ray?

posted by  anya(16)

Can I make my varicose veins smaller by losing weight?

posted by  Tabsy(11)

How long before I get a period after removing a Mirena IUD?

posted by  DocZ(47)

Are swollen lymph nodes and herpes related?

posted by  miken(46)

What causes women to not have a period?

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What causes light-headedness?

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Why is snot green?

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What does it mean when the left breast shows abnormal?

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Why do I have white spots on my back?

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What causes high calcium levels?

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What is the prognosis for 3rd degree burns?

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Will the core of a boil disappear on its own?

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What are the stress test chemical side effects?

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Can you walk on a broken tibia?

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What is my name?

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What is the significance of black feces?

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Is there such a thing as carpal tunnel in the shoulder?

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Can I take antacids while on Lithium?

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What would cause my children to wake up with little energy?

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Can an ultrasound detect lymph node cancer?

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I can't urinate. What can I do to pee more?

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What is recurring body petichia a symptom of?

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Is a bile leak poisionous? Could this cause ischaemic bowel?

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