Question by  Scientist (22)

Should I be concerned that my neck makes noise when I turn it?

Every time I turn my head, my neck makes little cracking noises.


Answer by  BrokenRose (131)

I I have a friend who constantly does this. Though he does it on purpose, it's to relieve discomfort. We all crack at times, it's normal. But if it's painful it doesn't hurt to see your Physician. Your primary physician should be find;they'll refer you to a specialist.

Reply by catman529 (809):
I would rather see a chiropractor about this than a physician.  add a comment

Answer by  rascal (187)

A neck that makes noise when you turn it means that your neck is relaxed and your muscles and bones have room to rotate. If you neck makes too much noise you should be concerned and see a doctor because you could have a bone spur growing there which may be interferring with your top vertebra.

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