Question by  mysconnie (21)

What could be the cause of high blood pressure with a low pulse?

My doctor said that my blood pressure was high, yet my pulse is low.


Answer by  Thomas28 (30)

The cause of high blood pressure with a low pressure might be due to lots of sodium intake and not much physical activity.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Sounds like hypertension. Ask your doctor about it next visit, but its condition is commonly displayed as high BP and low pulse.


Answer by  Ann53 (92)

High blood pressure can be caused by a verity of things, so can low blood pressure, stress can be cause and poor diet, or wight loss or wight gain.


Answer by  aidanbertie (0)

One of most important cause is hypertension. Avoid intake of sodium. Also reduce stress and pressure. Control on your weight.

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