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What should I do about body aches all over?

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What are laws related to work and reporting of diabetics?

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What could cause brown spots on my legs?

What could cause a bulls eye rash?

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Is a heart rate below 60 normal?

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What should I do when my 4 year old has headache and boil?

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What are normal cd4 counts in an HIV negative case?

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How to tell if you have a broken ankle?

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How serious is a bulge at disc c5?

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What can I do for a non itchy scaly mouth rash?

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Why does my daughter have knots on her scalp?

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What causes mouth blisters?

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I cannot breathe. What should I do?

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What does it mean if my bilirubin is high?

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Are there any home remedies for toe nail fungus?

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How common are seizures in Children following syncope?

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What causes mucous build up?

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What can I do about tingling feet syndrome?

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How long do hemorrhoids last?

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What can you tell me about paracentral disc herniation?

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Right rib cage pain when coughing is a symptom of what?

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What is the relationship between hypoglycemia and omega 3?

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What should I know about lipids and cholesterol?

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Are high calcium levels treatable?

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What is an ocular migraine headache?

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What are some causes of lethargy?

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Could thyroid problems cause constipation?

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What is the best thing to use to relieve nausea?

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How do you get rid of hiccups in toddlers?

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What are normal testosterone levels in women?

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What is a cure for acid indigestion?

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What is the cause of swollen glands?

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Can vinegar get rid of warts?

What causes bloating?

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What are the symptoms of thrush?

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What is wrong if urination is difficult?

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What is the cause of loss of voice?

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Is mineral oil an effective treatment for constipation?

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What is the cause of genital herpes?

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How do people become anorexic?

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What could be wrong if I never have energy?

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What are some home remedies for stretch marks?

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What genetic syndrome causes a white spot on the iris?

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What are the symptoms of inner ear infections?

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Does an AST test show liver problems?

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What are some disorders of the endocrine system?

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What does it mean if you have white bowel movements?

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What causes foot cramps?

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What could be causing side and back pain?

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What can cause severe bloating?

Is there a cure for rheumatoid arthritis?

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What does it mean if someone is blue around the mouth?

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What could have caused a bruise with a lump on my arm?

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What is Bell's Palsy?

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Is there a shot for women who go through surgical menopause?

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What is the cause of hemorroids?

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Can you get sores with a yeast infection?

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How do I get help with sweating?

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Is bronchitis contagious?

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Can you get athlete's foot on your hands?

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What are the symptoms of a gallbladder attack?

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What could be causing a circular rash?

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What are the symptoms of thyroid problems?

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Can strep throat give you a rash?

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What is blood in the urine a symptom of?

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What causes gingivitis?

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What is necrotizing fasciitis?

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What are the symptoms of a overactive thyroid?

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Why are hand warts so common?

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Should you remove the bee stinger after you are stung?

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What could be causing sudden sharp pains in my side?

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What are the foods that cause gout?

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What are the causes of swollen feet?

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What would cause brown spotting in menopause?

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What is a coated tongue?

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What are the different types of cough?

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What is Haba Syndrome?

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What could be causing a pain in my jaw?

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Could an infected tooth cause a sinus infection?

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What is the recovery time for hernia surgery?

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