Question by  BobMed (16)

Why are my ears itchy inside?


Answer by  RLozano (213)

Swimmers ear is pretty common, that might be it. If you can't find over the counter meds a doctor can hook you up. Dirt buildup might be a problem. Over the counter cleaning solutions help with that. Ears are important and ear specialists abound. Don't be afraid to try one.


Answer by  madhanprasana (109)

My ears itchy inside because of the ear infection. And it is caused by the dermatitis of the ear canal. We can prevent by using alcohol drops and ear plugs.


Answer by  ally (18)

There might be dirt inside or infection. To cure the same you can use garlic juice and mix it with hot oil and put 4 drops in the ear. Dab it with cotton. Another way is by showing to an ENT doctor. You can also use Ear drops that is easily available at a chemist. The pharmacist can help.

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