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Question by  Jeff44 (19)

Why does my leg swell more when I use a cam walker?

My leg is swelling when I use a cam walker.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

You may suffer severe leg swelling while using a cam walker in your initial stages of usage. But when your leg gets adopted once, it will settle down.


Answer by  thangam (95)

In the early phases of a fracture, for example, a cam walker may be used primarily as a cast but, unlike a cast, one has the ability to remove it for cleansing the body part as well as ice application. it might affect the blood flow, so that might be the reason for swelling.


Answer by  bash (1026)

I feel the complaint of swelling on your leg maynot be due to the usage of cam walker. There is a little percentage of possibility because you are giving full force on your legs. Take rest contineously for two days and see whether swelling exists. If so, test your blood.

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