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Are dizziness and pregnancy related?

posted by  Devendra(11)

What do you do about sensitive teeth?

posted by  AimeyBakes(16)

What happens in an ectopic pregnancy?

posted by  Nikki69(4)

What should I do about a cold sore or pimple?

posted by  sara99(851)

I have a lump in my breasts and they itch, what should I do?

posted by  ami(20)

What can I do about diaper blisters?

posted by  krhan(12)

What should I do about swollen lymph nodes in the crotch?

posted by  Carol7(38)

How do I treat a sprained toe?

posted by  ace(237)

Is an abscess with facial swelling cured with antibiotics?

posted by  davidu(20)

How do you quickly get rid of a cold?

posted by  Peaches78(12)

What could be causing a lower back rash?

posted by  nurulhutha(8)

What should I do about a hard lump on my baby;s head?

posted by  RobertJamey(124)

What are some causes of numbness on top of my foot?

posted by  rahim(12)

Does chlorine poisoning cause a rash?

posted by  es(61)

Is it okay that my toddler has no teeth?

posted by  killerbee(19)

What should I do about a UTI in a 3 year old?

posted by  Tib(73)

What should I do about a white covered throat?

posted by  mizlady(14)

What is it like in the last stages of a brain tumor?

posted by  plantgal(23)

What could be causing limited range of motion in legs?

posted by  shaggy(16)

How do you keep an autistic child from stemming?

posted by  tru(144)

What could be causing red blotchy skin on the arms and legs?

posted by  Tostao(27)

What could be causing itchy white spots on my arms?

posted by  Mutkoski(26)

Should I be concerned about new moles on my skin?

posted by  leelawati(35)

How do you stop bed wetting?

posted by  makaveli1671(80)

How do you heal pubic rashes?

What are these hard knots under the skin?

posted by  DJ97(13)

What is good makeup for melasma?

posted by  iowatech(78)

Can a doctor drain a blister from a burn?

posted by  buddha(17)

What is a flat polyp?

posted by  Sylar(29)

Should I continue to take prilosec when having diarrhea?

posted by  lesnan(14)

What can I do about water on the elbow?

posted by  Toddthe(63)

What does low pulse mean?

posted by  jai72(16)

Is Permethrin the correct treatment for scabies?

posted by  bmr0080(37)

What causes a bloated stomach?

posted by  twinsline(41)

What is the best medicine for acid reflux?

posted by  Isl(25)

What do I do about this milk blister on my breast?

posted by  Commando(25)

Can having cataract surgery cause retina swelling?

posted by  Goldie24(23)

What could be the cause of my left arm tingling?

posted by  crmn(34)

What should I do about a broken blood vessel on my chest?

posted by  Randy73(58)

What does it mean if I have colds and am sneezing a lot?

posted by  Kishore(17)

What does it mean if children cough but have no fever?

posted by  debolars(22)

What is a good earache cure?

posted by  Paul6729(22)

Can I have a natural birth if I have type 1 diabetes?

posted by  GG(20)

What should I do about a pinched nerve in my neck?

posted by  ktegio(27)

What can I do about a plugged ear?

posted by  nanonot(12)

What are some homemade cough remedies?

posted by  worker5167(63)

What is considered a high fever for a four year old?

posted by  worker85(43)

What is PIN and its relationship to the prostate?

posted by  firozkhangmailcom(7)

Does Cepacol work well?

posted by  Raa(14)

How can I find a lyme disease specialist in my area?

posted by  tribolumen(25)

What could be causing pain on the right side of my back?

posted by  hbackman(50)

What causes a prostate to swell?

posted by  dreamsweeper(85)

What are some home remedies for lymphedema?

posted by  Jennifer46(29)

Would kidney disease cause a bad taste in your mouth?

posted by  ginny2k(37)

Should I be concerned about a sore on my testicle?

posted by  Bhat(37)

What is a ganglion cyst?

posted by  Zoombaa(18)

What are some causes of dizziness when you lay down?

posted by  berwynbob(49)

What does foam in the urine mean?

posted by  Tessa68(51)

How do I naturally soothe bug bites?

posted by  Kelly(22)

How long does menopause last?

posted by  MKinSA(10)

What exercises does Jen Aniston do for her butt?

posted by  Judy(36)

What could it mean if I have head numbness?

posted by  andyb(18)

What is a viral syndrome?

posted by  Masheda(36)

What are the symptoms of ADD?

posted by  kahug(11)

What could be causing itchiness under my shoulder blade?

posted by  LRover(32)

What is leukoplakia?

posted by  sampitamajumder(18)

What can I do to help heal vocal cord nodules in a child?

posted by  sanandraj(26)

What is a more alternative medicine for colitis?

posted by  Jay32(13)

What are the symptoms of an ovary infection?

posted by  mygalval(31)

Could stopping blood pressure medication cause swollen feet?

posted by  Anonymous

What is normal concerning hematoma after surgery?

posted by  Kamini(20)

What is the average height and weight for teens?

posted by  moocows(20)

Can beetle bites cause swelling and numbness?

posted by  justme(111)

Why do I have a sudden rapid heartbeat at night after drinking?

posted by  rui(21)

How do you get rid of bruises?

posted by  gmspence(26)

Can HIV be causing bumps on my finger?

posted by  Gtt500(17)

Why do I get water blisters?

posted by  Bernard(69)

How can I tell if I broke my finger?

posted by  rrazorbakk(62)

What is the difference between dwarfs and midgets?

posted by  Dawn63(17)

What is the cause of hiccups?

posted by  mustang85(15)

Is Metamucil good for constipation?

posted by  luckharm(77)