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Question by  Annie59 (101)

If my girlfriend tested negative for HIV am I at risk?

I am concerned that I am at risk for HIV.


Answer by  diane (117)

HIV is something that you do not want to play around with, and sometimes it takes a long time to show up in someone. It is best to get at least two tests at 6 month intervals. If your Girlfriend has sex with someone else while you are together you can still be at risk.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

The HIV ELISA can be negative in the window period if she has just been infected and at this stage can still transmit the infection to you. A PCR test would be confirmatory. You can still get HIV from someone other than your girlfriend, an injection, etc


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

If you are having sex, you are at risk for HIV. Even if your girlfriend tested negative, if she engaged in risky behaviors since the test, you are at risk.


Answer by  Anonymous

unless your girlfriend is not a slut,,or she thinks that you are not a real man for her,haha

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