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Question by  Amruthavalli (17)

Will someone with swimmers ear run a fever?

I was under the impression that you only ran a fever with an ear infection and not with swimmers ear as well.


Answer by  clyde (52)

Getting water trapped in you ear would cause ear pain similar to an ear infection, but no, you wouldn't run a fever. But adding moisture to a warm dark place like the inside of your ear makes the environment perfect for bacterial growth. If you have fever, redness, swelling, drainage, enlarged lymph nodes, etc, you may have developed infection.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Swimmers ear is an infection of the ear and yes you can and will run a light fever with it if it is not treated. Swimmer ear can develop into a full blown ear infection if not treated by drying up the water that has collected in the ear drum.


Answer by  ShirleyThaler (39)

It is commen for someone with swimmers ear to run a fever. They can develop an infection from this condtion, thus the fever. One should seek treatment for swimmers ear.

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