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What can cause chronic yawning?

posted by  angelabrix(29)

Why does my blood sugar stay high?

posted by  jack36(71)

What else could the symptoms of a UTI also be?

posted by  dsantens(15)

What causes blurry vision in one eye?

posted by  Phil75(87)

Why is there a constant ringing in my ear?

posted by  Zee(20)

Will someone with swimmers ear run a fever?

posted by  Amruthavalli(17)

Why do I have a burning throat?

posted by  pixel(12)

Why does my leg swell more when I use a cam walker?

posted by  Jeff44(19)

What if the headache is right back of my head?

posted by  kcoleman(1)

What causes a think toe nail?

posted by  JimBill(22)

What are symptoms of kidney failure?

posted by  machouno79(17)

What could be wrong if my heart skips beats and flutters?

posted by  Vanessa(387)

Why do I feel dizzy and light-headed?

posted by  localgirl808(405)

I was punched in the kidneys. What should I look for?

posted by  Lanwanman(90)

What can I do for my toddler with recurrent fevers?

posted by  KendraL(60)

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

posted by  JChamp(60)

What are the symptoms of sun poisoning?

posted by  willowtree(55)

What causes white spots on the lung?

posted by  Maria99(108)

What are the symptoms of a dry socket?

posted by  kendraschaefer(36)

What could be causing this rash around my waist?

posted by  missdorkness(48)

What are some symptoms of a cavity?

posted by  tylerj72993(21)

What could cause toe numbness?

posted by  MrKhaan(90)

What is wrong if you can't smell perfume?

posted by  Ted56(27)

What causes fingernail ridges?

posted by  ritujain(234)

Does cancer hurt?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

Why do cigars give me nausea?

posted by  redran3(17)

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

posted by  llfredericks(36)

What are the symptoms of Reynauds Syndrome?

posted by  philaustin(18)

Why do I have double vision?

posted by  lucypuke(28)

What causes pimples on your lips?

posted by  4by4(36)

What are the signs of perimenopause?

posted by  proinfo(29)

What are the symptoms of poison ivy?

posted by  shivee(19)

How do you cure redness under your eyes?

posted by  Pennfield(25)

What is causing my pug puppy to vomit?

posted by  LLove(33)

What are the side effects of steroid treatment?

posted by  Sophia83(20)

What are the symptoms of ringworm?

posted by  JR82(28)

What causes yellow fingernails?

posted by  thea831(28)

What would give you a dry mouth at night?

posted by  mickdowen(67)

What are the most common Hep B symptoms?

posted by  a78(2)

What are the Candida Albicans symptoms?

posted by  arty(15)

What could be the cause of my toenails being blue?

posted by  Pete88(72)

What could be wrong if my belly button is sore?

posted by  Lucy77(13)

Will childhood molestation cause PTSD?

posted by  Doug99(9)

What can cause extreme pain in your left shoulder?

posted by  trudie1962(1022)

Does having an epidural cause hair loss?

posted by  eamuscatuli(80)

What can cause pain in my big toe joint?

posted by  worker8927(17)

What can cause red itching spots on your feet?

posted by  Kilgasto(26)

What can cause a red itchy bump on my pinky finger?

posted by  es(61)

What causes itchy pimples?

posted by  barkley20(6)

Why is my arm swollen?

posted by  stevonash(21)

How do you cure bloating?

posted by  houseofhounds(37)

What could cause a rash on your bottom?

posted by  DineshD(13)

What causes bags under your eyes?

posted by  bear(8)

What can cause tailbone pain?

posted by  johnman(72)

What causes a mucous discharge after a c-section?

posted by  dhottan(3)

What could be causing a prickly pain in my shins?

posted by  teapots(42)

What are the signs of a fast metabolism?

posted by  Anthony53(106)

What could be causing gas with diarrhea and nausea?

posted by  Steve27(17)

Why I am having a green bowel movement?

posted by  Mark60(14)

What are the symptoms of a cold score?

posted by  Jeff44(19)

What can cause an itchy head?

posted by  RandiKaye(39)

What are the side effects of too much flaxseed?

posted by  Matthew93(26)

What are the symptoms of gallbladder problems?

posted by  NikkiD65(34)

What are the adverse effects of ginseng?

posted by  Fred35(10)

What causes high liver count?

posted by  KT57(18)

What are the effects of creatine?

posted by  ladybug(21)

Are there actual symptoms of HIV?

posted by  wkintg01(50)

What would cause holes on your ear?

posted by  Bethany86(17)

What are the symptoms of mange?

posted by  Swampola(14)

What is the cause of swollen ankles?

posted by  mdzzz17(99)

What is this large bump on my pet chicken's foot?

posted by  Michael14(23)

What could be the cause of itching skin on my breast?

posted by  Christoph(56)

What is perineural fibrosis?

posted by  sampitamajumder(18)

What could be causing small scabs on my dog?

posted by  prestonrt(24)

I have sharp pain in my intestines, what should I do?

posted by  nworber(17)

What does a rapid heart rate and dehydration mean?

posted by  HoopStar(17)

What is jaundice?

posted by  hippiechickme(35)

Why are my eyelids puffy?

posted by  TeagansMom(42)

What causes pimples in your mouth?

posted by  robert73(23)

Is tiredness in children a symptom of something?

posted by  WhiteSox58(16)

What happens in a potassium overdose?

posted by  worker49(37)

How do you get rid of a salty taste in your mouth?

posted by  Craig61(358)

What is a polyphasic sleeper?

posted by  jika(36)

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