Question by  dhottan (3)

What causes a mucous discharge after a c-section?

I'm having some vaginal discharge which appears to be mucous. I just had a c-section two months ago. What could cause this, and do I need medical attention?


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

This could just be your body cleaning itself, kinda like when you have a period. It could also be sum left over from you and your man having sex together. If you feel that it is causing you problems and not going away you need to call your doctor and speak with his nurse.


Answer by  Monica17 (19)

Some discharge is normal after a delivery, c-section or vaginal. If there is an odor, burning, itching, or irritation you should seek medical attention for your primary care provider.


Answer by  Anonymous

You had a surgical procedure, and you're having unexpected symptoms afterward - and you're asking for advice from complete strangers on the internet? I'd be more concerned with what prompted that particular lapse in judgement. As with *any* post surgical surprises, contact your medical provider!

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