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Does cancer hurt?

i am not talking about treatments like chemotherapy, but rather cancer itself... is it painful?


Answer by  Anonymous

Cancer is basically cells growing abnormally fast and large. When these cells are growing around nerve cells or endings, it results in pain. Cancer cells not around nerve cells do not cause pain. However, cancer spreads and eventually will reach a nerve causing pain sooner or later.

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sorry, but can u at least explain that in a easier way for people who dont understand . understand ?  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

well, all types of cancer hurts. i cannot say it does not at all because i have never experianced it! im telling you some types make your face smell um like a monster! it feels like a cat digging its claws at you, like a snake biting you!


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Depending on the type of cancer you have, yes it can hurt. For example, breast Cancer can cause pain in the breast, ovarian cancer causes pain in the abdomen.


Answer by  rodrigo (1)

Well it depends on the cancer in question. Some cancer do hurt and some don't. For example oral cancer is initially painless but as i gets to later stages it starts to hurt. Similar thing can apply to just about any cancer.


Answer by  ecross (3)

i am being treated with taxol 1x week for duc/stage 3 breast cancer. 1 day after chemo treatments i am in much pain like snake bites and stabbing pains. is this the drug killing cells?

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