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What is the best material for roof framing?

posted by  Missmelissa(69)

What is the cost of installing roofing shingles?

posted by  Trueakitalover(1728)

What are the advantages of a rolling roof system?

posted by  AJ1987(18)

Which 30 year shingles are better - Landmark or Timberline?

posted by  mojo(36)

How do I go about installing a patio roof?

posted by  karthik(70)

Is there such a thing as a 50 year roofing shingle?

posted by  Traci(55)

Can I repair a roof using plywood?

posted by  gargleafg(34)

How do I fix a leaking boot at vent pipe?

posted by  Severin(22)

What is involved in installing roll roofing?

posted by  Zee05(18)

What does it cost to raise the roof on a home?

posted by  TrevinoL(22)

What are the different styles of architectural roofing?

posted by  acanswer(17)

What can I do if my new roof still has leaks?

posted by  suzyq16(47)

How much does a tar and gravel roof cost?

posted by  Nikki(22)

How do I install rubber roofing?

posted by  lilian(397)

How can I extend a gabled roof?

posted by  Jonathan(41)

How do I put a deck on a rubber roof?

posted by  wokingdragon(56)

Does Black Jack roofing cement work well?

posted by  redbird(9)

What are the instructions for installing shingles?

posted by  Lmukeeper(262)

How do you fix concrete tiles on a roof?

posted by  cangel818(981)

Where is the best place to buy a hot tar kettle for roofing?

posted by  Elmira(11)

Why does moss grow on my roof?

posted by  CarolMowthorpe(49)

How do you put up shingles?

posted by  HealthMonkey(22)

What are the pros and cons of icynene insulation in the roof?

posted by  jbjb(34)

What are some ways to stop water dripping off my roof?

posted by  k9(46)

What are architectural shingles?

posted by  nescusa(20)

Should I get an ice and water shield for my roof?

posted by  rakoon26(15)

Is it possible to have no gutters on the house?

posted by  samus42(24)

What is aluminum roof flashing?

posted by  Cc74(25)

Is a pro panel metal roof good?

posted by  elyse(33)

How do I install rolled roofing?

posted by  wanda(58)

Where is the shake roof cap located?

posted by  harycat(84)

What are the advantages of dimensional roofing?

posted by  manicDan(16)

How do I finish edge of rubber roof?

posted by  Bnr(20)

How do I lay rubber sheeting on a flat roof?

posted by  socalbomber(21)

How do I get rid of Pigeons on my roof?

posted by  organicpeople(7)

Are composite shingles a good choice?

posted by  Caleb14(292)

What can be done if the roof sheathing is not lined up well?

posted by  Paul99(47)

How do you flash a porch roof?

posted by  Mutkoski(26)

What material should you use to repair a flat roof?

posted by  bubbins(14)

Can you tell me about rolled roof with aluminum coating?

posted by  johnnybad(22)

Can you apply shingles in the rain?

posted by  mlahlou324(29)

How long do roof shingles last?

posted by  amanda132(17)

How do I know if I have proper drip edge installation?

posted by  busybee(29)

How do you start the first run on a new roof?

posted by  thiefraccoon(266)

What are the different roofing shingle grades?

posted by  Tony82(19)

How can I clear a clogged roof drain?

posted by  fuzzygarfield(65)

How do you tie in the roof on an addition?

posted by  silenceinspace(21)

What is the weight for felt for roofing?

posted by  Jen(54)

What is involved in installing tin roofing?

posted by  7daykatie(27)

How do I build a roof overhang?

posted by  devanathan(30)

What's the minimum pitch for a shingled roof?

posted by  Avw(77)

What are the different types of patio roof construction?

posted by  JustinD(25)

Is Owens corning one of the better roofing brands?

posted by  tornado(36)

What can be done about a sagging roof?

posted by  corey(39)

How do I hand vinyl fascia boards?

posted by  illdoit(13)

How do you go about reshingling a roof?

posted by  hegde(161)

What are some good hurricane roofs?

posted by  Allysunshine(12)

How does bitumen roofing compare to other methods?

posted by  vicman(34)

What are the advantages of IB roofs?

posted by  Elizabeth(92)

How do you install a Shingling Gambrel roof?

posted by  benfeys(20)

Do exposed nails cause leaks in asphalt shingles?

posted by  Amyjane(20)

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

posted by  Harry(27)

What should I do if I have exposed roof felt?

posted by  snikcidylime(32)

What is a moonroof?

posted by  krishnan32(11)

What is the standard square foot cost of hot mop roofs?

posted by  esdempsey(20)

How should I make a roof cricket?

posted by  zach(27)

Is it okay to have only 2 x 4s holding up a roof?

posted by  normannue(22)

What is involved in installing metal roofing?

posted by  philaustin(18)

How are roof shingles made?

posted by  Junebug(158)

What can you tell me about painting skylights?

posted by  Dawne(69)

Can you give me a good shingles comparison?

posted by  turbo(17)

What is the best insulation for a hip roof?

posted by  Mardon(20)

How do you put on a metal roof?

posted by  Guveneur(18)

Can you tell me how to cap a hip roof?

posted by  berry(41)

What is the proper coating for asbestos roofing?

posted by  Kenny(18)

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