Question by  aleva932 (101)

What can I do to remedy dead air space with metal roofing?

My metal roof has dead air space.


Answer by  Conroy (35)

Make sure your roof is properly vented to allow air to flow in and out to help keep the air moving.


Answer by  Jim78 (76)

Dead air space is a common problem. The easiest remedy is to install air sofets under the eaves of the structure. These sofits need to be evenly spaced along the perimiter of the structure to ensure proper air flow. This can done by anyone, but I would recommend using a professional roofer.


Answer by  veronica (35)

All roofs have dead space. Dead air space is alright. You need to be more specific with your question next time.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

you can usually install yourself or hire someone to install a blow foam insulation of some sort. Most are made from soy and is a pretty good insulator.


Answer by  rajatanand (43)

Dead air space in metal roof acts like an insulator. All seals should be secured to make sure that it provides proper insulation and hence the desired R value.

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