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Question by  amanda132 (17)

How long do roof shingles last?

I am getting a new roof.


Answer by  jaho (47)

Shingle life expectancy depends on the type of material used. Asphalt shingles typically have around a 25 year life span; slate shingles can last up to 100 years.


Answer by  Lorah (114)

It depends on the grade of shingle. The avrage shingle lasts about 20 years, but you can buy more expencive ones that will last you 50 years.


Answer by  brado76 (167)

This, like most things, depends on how much you spend. The better quality shingles will last much longer than the cheaper ones. If you plan on selling your house in the next few years get the lower priced ones. Otherwise go for quality.

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