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Question by  wanda (58)

How do I install rolled roofing?

I need to install rolled roofing.


Answer by  Don73 (90)

Start with a clean surface. Mop the tar onto the roof and then roll the roofing out on top of the tar. Trim edges. Overlap next section by 4 inches.


Answer by  RickPugh (22)

Starting at the bottom of the roof and working up, nail roundcaps every nine inches and overlap each sheet 3 inches over the top of each other.


Answer by  Ricardo (25)

Unroll the correct length for the valley, apply roofing cement, place on the roof and nail roofing down 1" from the edge. Continue by overlapping roofing 6-8" between layers.


Answer by  cal (43)

Always start at the bottom and work you way up. overlapping about six to eight inches to prevent leaking. You can also tar you edges for added peace of mind.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

Begin by a starter strip. Place the course over the starter strip that you just laid. Now, you will nail the course with two rows of nails.

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