Question by  harycat (84)

Where is the shake roof cap located?


Answer by  Jemian (222)

The roof cap straddles the peak of the roof, at the very top where the edges come together. It is put on last of all the roofing, whether shingles or some other style and provides protecting and cover at the join. Shake refers to the type of roofing shingle, made of wood giving a rustic appearance to the building.


Answer by  Kristin83 (70)

The cap is able to be discovered at the very top of the roof, where the two sides meet, but not join, which creates the need of the cap.


Answer by  philg1961 (347)

The shake roof cap is located at the peak of the roof, it is the highest point. It laps over the shingles to prevent water from getting under the shingles.


Answer by  alandrix (44)

I should be a the top of the roof where two sides come together, but they are not touching each other, that's why you need cap to cover it.


Answer by  Homepro6885 (192)

Roofcaps are always at the very peak of the roof. The point of the roof at the very top. need any more help

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