Question by  Severin (22)

How do I fix a leaking boot at vent pipe?

My roof is leaking


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

If the leak is caused by a cracked or broken boot, the best option is to replace the boot. Otherwise, just patch any cracks with roofing tar.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

You'll have to take the vent pipe out in order to reach the leaky boot. Once you access the boot, you can replace the surrounding tar paper.


Answer by  scwriter007 (254)

The seal has dried out and cracked allowing a leak. Reseal it with caulk. If the seal has dried to the point it falls out in chunks then buy new flashing and replace the old flashing.


Answer by  dshank (28)

Remove shingles around vent pipe. Remove old vent boot. Clean pipe surface. Install new vent boot over pipe. Attach to roof. Replace shingles around boot.


Answer by  MrHardware (369)

Leaks around the flashing or boot on a roof vent stack or pipe often can be remedied with a good tube of caulk. Make sure to use a caulk that willl remain felxible such as a butyl or elastomeric caulk. If you have to do an emergency repair on a wet roof, you can use plastic roof cement.

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