Question by  manicDan (16)

What are the advantages of dimensional roofing?

I'm building a new house.


Answer by  Qamar32 (31)

It is a little bit thicker hence safer against hurrican. The dimensional roofing system may go 20-40 years as per the expenditure incurred on it. The basic asphalt used in the roofing system is the same. It is comparatively costly.


Answer by  bernie52 (5)

The shingles for dimensionial roofing are thicker than normal ones so that they will not move during strong winds for example and the roof will last longer too.


Answer by  PotionBoy (32)

Dimensional roofing is important because if you live in an environment where your house will be experiencing a lot of rain or snow, it is important for a lot of that water to run off your roof quickly in order to prevent a roof collapse.


Answer by  Bebakoch (14)

The material used in dimensional roofing is thick and heavy.So the roof wont be eaisly carried away by the wind.It last for more than 30 years.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Dimensional roofing gives you the option of having varying levels of roofs and different degrees. So if you have a section of your home with one floor, you can place a roof on that as well as the next section which may be two floors.

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