Question by  qkadir (10)

Is GAF Timberline considered to be one of the best roofing shingles?

I need the best roofing shingle.


Answer by  TextStud (87)

Every shingle is labeled and rated by the number of years it should hold up on your home. An average shingle should hold 20-25 years, and some higher end ones will range from 30-45 years with the best and most expensive ones being lifetime.


Answer by  Perry93 (14)

GAF Timberline roofing shingles are certainly considered one of the Top-of-the-Line shingles by installers and homeowners alike.


Answer by  cal (43)

Timberline shingles are one of my favorites. I have been using it for about three years now and only use other brands if requested by the client.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

Rather than waste idle time on a brand selection, the choice of the Best Roofing Professional would result in the Best Shingle Performance. Attention to installing a Balance Ventilation System, which would add Intake Ventilation and Exhaust Ventilation to the roof will prolong your roofing investment significantly and make your money last longer.

posted by Anonymous
Now here is a contractor that understands how things work, with out ventalation i dont care what manufacture you use your roof will fail early. Let the contractor fiqure out what you need, course this after you check him out with BBB, cheap will always haunt you  add a comment

Answer by  chuck47 (21)

GAF make very good products. I also would say check your area for what the local guys are using, you might find something you like better.


Answer by  CW11 (29)

Yes they are one of the top shingles on the market. The other advantage is using a GAF Certified Installer.

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