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Question by  socalbomber (21)

How do I lay rubber sheeting on a flat roof?


Answer by  Kristin83 (70)

Make sure the surface is dry and clean,expand the rubber across the roof, making sure it drapes over the edges by a couple of inches. Once the length is determined, fold the rubber back, making it possible to apply bonding adhesive which is then put on, one section of a time, rolling the rubber sheet onto it as you go.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

Roll out rubber sheeting and let it relax for 30 minutes. Position rubber membrane on roof. Fold back to apply adhesive to roof and rubber. Smooth sheet with a broom.


Answer by  AnjoBanjo (271)

You would have to start out with an insulation board like a 2" Iso board. Then you have to weld the rubber sheets together and stretch them to their termination points. Reinforce all penetrations.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

The rubber sheeting on a flat roof can be laid down in such a way as to spread the liquid coaltar on the flat roof at an evenly level throughout the roof and then cutting down the rubber sheet as per the size of the roof and then the same would automatically be fixed with the help of the coaltar.

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