Question by  coolio69 (11)

What are the pros and cons of a power vent roof and a ridge vent roof?


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

The power roof vent can be automated or operated as required. A typical powered vent can also move a lot of air and do a great job of ventilation. The ridge vent is more passive but provides ventilation across the entire area of the ridge. The best solution depends on your particular application and ventilation needs.


Answer by  jjpallad (34)

If properly sized and installed, they are generally about equal. The downside to the power vent is it does not work when there are electrical outages.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

A power vent roof is a very effective system, however you have to worry about the motor breaking down or the loss of electricity while the vent is opened.

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