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Question by  RoseSharma (21)

What are the pros and cons of three tab vs. architectural shingles?


Answer by  Dale23 (192)

Pros of using three tab shingles is the cheaper cost. Cons are colors available. Architectural pros are it looks better and come in many colors. Cons it is more expensive.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Despite the disadvantages of heavier cost and weight, architectural shingles are more durable, highly resistant, better in concealing roof imperfections and provide a pleasing look, when compared to three tabs.


Answer by  Anonymous

The three tabs are cheaper. You are also able to use them as the ridge cap!


Answer by  ferretdad (31)

Three tab shingles require more precise cutting for the overhang. You need to stagger your starting shingles more also. Architectural shingles tend to be more durable, however they can be much more difficult to work with when cold. Architectural shingles are easier to lay than three tab since you dont have to worry about the slots lining up just right.


Answer by  pokeropie (9)

Three tap shingles only have a 25 year warrenty,compared to 30+ for architectural. The architectural shingles are thicker and cover small defects in the roof giving a much better look. they also are easier to install because you dont have to worry about the water lines.


Answer by  Mach (76)

Three tab shingles are usually the cheaper short term option. However, architectural shingles last much longer to offset the initial higher cost and many people prefer the look of them.


Answer by  rdevault (24)

price 3tab about 50$ sq foot architectural just about 100$ sg foot architectural raise the homes value, architectural are tested at wind speeds about 80 mph standard 3tab is only tested about 60 mph the life rating of architectural are a min 30yrs while most 3tab are only 20yrs

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