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Question by  Trueakitalover (1728)

What is the cost of installing roofing shingles?

My roof needs new shingles.


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

Depending on whether you plan to have the original shingles removed first will have a big effect on the cost of installing new shingles. The average cost is about $250 to $300 for roof shingles installed after removal of existing shingles. It should be about $100 less if you have the new shingles installed over the existing shingles.


Answer by  conan (34)

The cost of installing roofing shingles varies from place to place and depends on the size of the roof. At this current time the average cost to install asphalt roofing shingles is $275 per square. A square in roofing terms is a ten foot by ten foot area or 100 square feet.


Answer by  lwillis (40)

Roofers charge by the square(10 sq. ft. ). An average cost is around $45. 00 per square which includes removal of old shingles and installation of the new shingles.

posted by Anonymous
Im sorry but your pricing is so far off, you cant have insurance-good equipment-pay good wages. The shingles alone are 65.00 & up, plus dump charges-felt-ice&water and whatever else to make a good quality job with a good warranty. Cheap job is the worst thing to do. Quality first  add a comment

Answer by  Tetete (43)

The roofing shingles cost anywhere from fifty dollars to a couple hundred dollars depending on the material and labor. Once the roofing contractor figures out the material of the roofing and the dimensions, he can present the customer with an accurate estimate. Roughly speaking, roofing shingles can cost few hundred dollars.

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