Question by  Missmelissa (69)

What is the best material for roof framing?


Answer by  Conroy (35)

The best material would be pine or other popular 2x4's. With using either 1/2 or 5/8 inch OSB for sheeting.


Answer by  Jim78 (76)

There is variety of materials to choose from when selecting framing for roofs. The best material and most commons for residential applications is wood (Pine). Wood is usually the most cost efficient way to go. Commercial applications usually use metal. It is best to talk to a local professional Roofer.


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

You have to look at several factors when deciding what materials you will choose for the framing of you roof. Longer distqances require larger dimensional lumber. On a very short span, under 12 feet you can use a 2X6, but a longer span may will require a 2X8 rafter.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

The best material is probably metal, as it will not rot, is impervious to infestations of pests and is actually much lighter in weight then most of its wood counterparts. It is all really dependent upon how much money the builder is willing to spend and what building codes dictate.


Answer by  rajatanand (43)

Wood is the best material for roof framing for single family homes. It is cost effective, light, easy to install and abundantly available. It is used in most of the homes in North America.


Answer by  tryderjr (20)

Either a roof truss system set two foot on center with 3/4" plywood or or 2" X 10" roof rafters 16 inches on center with 5/8" plywood.

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