Question by  Junebug (158)

How are roof shingles made?


Answer by  elikai (23)

The most common of roof shingles are made with asphalt. It is made by infusing a paper or fiberglass base with asphalt. Then one side is sprayed with more grains of a certain color.


Answer by  vijetha (104)

Roofing shingles are made of a felt mat saturated with asphalt, with small rock granules added. The granules r asphalt cement,mineral filler,mineral granules,felt backing. The waste shingles are tear-offs from re-roof jobs or demolition debris.


Answer by  sathu (157)

Roof shingles are consisting of individual overlapping elements. At the roof ridge there has been shingles with a plastic underlay. The shingles is made up of wood, slate,asbestos cement etc.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Roof shingles are made from felt matting, dipped in asphalt and then rolled in fine small rocks. There is also a shingle that is made from industrial grade plastic. The most common is the felt asphalt shingle.

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