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Question by  Kenny (18)

What is the proper coating for asbestos roofing?

I think I have asbestos in my roofing and need to know how to coat it.


Answer by  enviroroofer (14)

The Fibroseal System is a two part method to encapsulate asbestos roofing. First a primer is sprayed onto the existing roof as is, no scrubbing required. This primer bonds with the roof and readies it for the top coat. The top coat is then applied which achieves encapsulation and leaves an attractive, durable surface.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You shouldn't repair it. You should remove it. The Surgeon General has found that Asbestos can cause cancer and should be removed.


Answer by  redcheeckss84 (8)

By sealing the seams and encasing asbestos containing transite paneling you seal in the asbestos fibers and seal out the weather. Globe Caulk will seal the seams.

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