Question by  Zee05 (18)

What is involved in installing roll roofing?


Answer by  AnswerThis (74)

Oh my gosh I have no clue but I would suggest that you find a book on roll roofing at your library or even at your local hardware shop. I do know that flat top roofing that was mentioned below can crack easily depending on the area climate.


Answer by  BlueCollarBri (118)

If you are installing on a flat roof you should use an underlayment under the roll roofing. You have to then apply a starter strip that is about 17 inches wide and roll it flat. Place your course over the starter strip and attach it with two rows of nails.

Reply by TalkQueen (38):
A roofer's roller is the piece of equipment that will be needed for this type of roof.  add a comment

Answer by  NessieGirl (103)

Someone kinda already answered your question but didn't mention that you have to coat it with a layer of roofing cement. Make sure that the seams overlap by about 6 inches and space the nails about 4 inches apart. Seal everything including the overlap and then you can trim excess.

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