Question by  bubbins (14)

What material should you use to repair a flat roof?

I want to make sure rain cannot come in.


Answer by  luckyhappy (90)

Talk to a roofing contractor 1st. Not a trivial smear with tar situation most times. You need to seal all the cracks after checking for rot and termites, and making a decision if the existing membrane is sound. Some roofs after many repairs need to be removed and started over. The weight of more material would collapse the roof.


Answer by  Melissa21 (84)

I would use roofing cement, some patching fabric, possibly some sheathing, and some tools. The tools you will need include some old rags you have and a heavy duty razor.


Answer by  Tiera19 (97)

A roofing hand roller tool, some EPDM rubber glue and peel and stick roofing tape, as well as a paint brush to help spread the glue.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Cement,Roof patching fabric,Carbide blade,Heavy duty razor,Utility knife with a few spare blades,A bucket (or two)of tar,Asphalt saturaed fabric,Plastic towel for spreading the tar,Hand broom,pry bar,Hand saw, measuring tape,Metal snips,Hand Seamer,Trowel,Hammer,Swiss army knife etc..

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