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Question by  Dawne (69)

What can you tell me about painting skylights?

I need to paint my skylights.


Answer by  Daniel69 (43)

I would not paint a skylight. If you paint it you will greatly reduce the light that comes in. If that is your plan then use a white or cream color and only use a light coat. This will make it mildly translucent giving you a subtle amount of light.


Answer by  cornbread (27)

The best color choice for skylights is high gloss white paint, if the ceiling is a flat white paint color.


Answer by  kaf2050 (94)

Skylights are notorious for leaking. Its best not to remove it for painting. When painting follow proper preperation instructions. I recommend using an exterior grade product for your finish. as skylights are exposed to more heat and cold than standard windows in your home. You may use exterior products indoors.


Answer by  jennycountrysidegirl (96)

When preparing to paint a skylight you should first make sure you have the proper equipment. Also look at the type of paint you are purchasing and make sure that it is recommended for the surface type whether it be fiberglass or metal.

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