Question by  aceticanswer (33)

What is a milk recipe for a new born kitty?

I need to give my new born kitty some milk.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

KMR, or kitten milk replacement can be purchased from the pet store or vet office. They come in liquid and powder forms.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

For the kitten's best chance of survival it really needs its mothers milk for at least the first few days as it contains colostrum, which is essential to the protection of the kitten.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Do not give kitten cow milk. KMR or Kitten Milk Replacement comes in liquid and powder forms you can purchase from your pet store or veterinarian clinic.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Mix an envelope of unflavored gelatin in 12 ounces of water. Add 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp light corn syrup, 2 tbsp plain yogurt, 2 tbsp mayonnaise and 1 12 oz can evaporated milk. Dissolve together, refrigerate what isn't in use. Will keep up to 7 days.


Answer by  DecalDude (36)

You can use a couple simple products for your kitty to drink. You can use a powdered milk mix or just some regular baby formula will work fine.

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