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Question by  Phantasmality (36)

What is done for a dog with a hotspot?

My dog has a hot spot.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

You can treat a hot spot with a cortisone cream and an antibiotic ointment. If it spreads, you have to go to the vet to get a prescription.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

You can get some med to put on it or you can use lavender oil on it. Also it is possible to put tea tree oil on it which is an essitional oil


Answer by  sspugs (496)

Also known as moist dermatitis, these spots can be caused(and made worse) by the dog biting, licking and scratching. The best treatment is 1) shave or cut all of the hair around the spot - the hair can become matted on the spot) 2) Cleanse 3) If it is not bad, home remedies include hydrocortisone cream - also oral antibiotics


Answer by  Sael (313)

There are many topical remedies you can buy at pet stores. Generally these will contain an antibiotic that will help heal the wound and they are often soothing to help stop the itching. You can also spray bitter apple or other similar products to prevent the dog from chewing. Moisture and irritation are the cause of hot spots.

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