Question by  Kendra (27)

When is a dog considered to be an adult?

My dog is two years old and I am not certain if she should still be eating puppy food or adult food.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Dogs are considered to be an adult at one year old. They are considered to be mature by this age. Smaller dogs often mature faster.


Answer by  nht (42)

A dog will be considered an adult at about 9 months of age. Beyond that time, it should be fed Adult food. The puppy food will have too many calories for an adult dog.


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

It depends on the dog's breed, when it's the best time to begin to give up the puppy food. A one year old dog is often considered as an adult.


Answer by  gbella (216)

A dog should be on adult food by 1 year old. Your dogs diet should be based on his specific needs. For example,large breed dogs should be on food that contains glucosamine and itchy dogs should be on diets for sensitive skin.


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

It depends on the breed. Small breeds are adult at 12 months, medium breeds at 12 months and 20 lbs, and large breeds are 12 months and 50 lbs.

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