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Question by  shiveedee (15)

Can I give my dog aspirin?


Answer by  Sharyl (340)

I would not give my dog aspirin, I have always heard it can kill them, I know alot of medications that people take are given to animals but I would check with my vet before giving a dog or other animal any type of medication even over the counter meds for dogs have been shown to cause problems.


Answer by  LisaM (61)

Asprin may be given to dogs with caution and under veterinary supervision. Dogs have a very sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of pain, bleeding, and ulceration.


Answer by  Anonymous

No. Definitely not safe for dogs. If your dog is sick, bring it to the vet. Your vet will prescribe safe, effective drugs for your dog instead of asprin.


Answer by  Anonymous

you can give it aspirin but be really careful maybe you should let your vet do it.


Answer by  Xombicide (99)

Aspirin can cause stomach problems, it should always be given with food. The safe amount of aspirin depends on your dog's weight. Check with your vet before administering aspirin.


Answer by  Anonymous

I agree with check with your vet, however if you cannot afford a vet or medicine and your dog is in pain then Asprin with stomach guard is best and the lowest dosage and only 1 every other day.

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