Question by  Briana (172)

What can I do to help my Bichon Frise who has a ruptured cruciate ligament?

My poor dog is in so much pain.


Answer by  JaenieF (153)

I assume you've already been to the vet. If your dog's pain medications aren't helping, you may need to increase her prescription. Otherwise, keep your dog as still as possible. Movement will only make the injury worse.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Take the dog to the vet they will be able to treat the injury and they will also give you pain meds and instructions.


Answer by  lmm30 (294)

your vet can give you some pain meds such as deramaxx, rimadyl, or tramadol to help with the pain but surgery would help fix the problem and get rid of a lot of the pain


Answer by  TejasWoman (300)

Contacting a veterinarian is advisable for any advice on what to do to keep your pet as pain free as possible.

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