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Question by  raja007 (23)

What canned dog food should I feed my six week old shihtzu?

I need to know what to feed my six week old puppy.


Answer by  Sael (313)

The best canned dog foods are grain free, or even 95% or 99% meat. Some good foods to try are Taste of the Wild, Wellness CORE, Innova, or Before Grain.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

It's best to feed puppies a mix of wet and dry otherwise their stool will be very runny and hard to clean up if they have an accident. My personal favorite is Blue Buffalo. It's all natural and doesn't have corn filler which can cause allergies.


Answer by  MathTeacher (299)

Puppies need not be fed canned, soft dog food. However, they will be more likely to eat wet food because it smells enticing and stimulates their taste buds. Choose any brand of dry dog food and mix in a few teaspoons of water.


Answer by  ryark (243)

Science Diet is the best brand of dog food available. Most veterinarian's carry and recommend it, and feed it to their own pets.


Answer by  ybforz (83)

You should get a canned food for puppies first and foremost. I would recommend something that has more natural ingredients like canidae or nutro.

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